A tiny Mac OS application for monitoring power levels of a given range of radio spectrum. It is dependent upon the command-line application rtl_power developed by Kyle Keen & bundled with rtl_sdr by Osmocom.

RTL Watch allows for semi-realtime monitoring of a area of spectrum through an ascii sparkline medium. The view is contained within the user's Mac Menu (aka Status) Bar.

RTL Watch by design keeps a very small and undistracting presence. The program's base interface is contained within the user Menu (aka Status) Bar, no Dock icon is present and the only Window is a brief configuration dialog.

Power levels are displayed through sparklines, there are currently two choices of display: Unicode blocks ( eg ▆▃▆▃ ) or Braille characters ( eg ⣿⣶⣿⣶ ). All information is displayed through these Unicode character sets.


Version: 1.1.5
Download: 1.7 MB
Unzipped: 6 MB

Recent Changes

28/08/2016 - Added detection for missing rtl_sdr packages.

Made for Mac OS.