Eric D’Addio

Front end developer for work &
Computer science student @Brighton.

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2015 – 2019 | BSc Hons Computer Science | University of Brighton
Predicted Grade: First
Programming A+; Databases A; Embedded Architecture B+; Web Dev A+; Human Computer Interaction A; Requirements Analysis A+; Data Structures and Algorithms A; Operating Systems A; Group Project B; Logic & Formal Spec A; OOP B; Project Planning B; Intelligent Systems A+; Computer Systems Architecture A; Perspectives on Computing A; Placement Learning A


2018 – Now  | Front End Developer | BozBoz
2017 – 2018 | Full Stack Developer | RINA
2015 – 2016 | Data Coordinator | Goddard Perry Consulting


Javascript, HTML5, CSS, D3.JS, PHP, Laravel, NodeJS, Express, Python, Go, Java, Delphi, SQL, SQLite, Paradox

Selection of Works

ERACS Online Engineering Tools
Design & Implementation of modernised product websites & engineering tools. Using d3.js V4 & Laravel (PHP) to build interactive inspection tools for electrical power networks.

AutoCAD Compatible DXF Drawing Library
Go Graphics Library for programmatic creation of AutoCAD compatible DXF drawings. Modelled from a Delphi library I built for ERACS.

Paradox Database to SQLite Conversion Library
Programmatic conversion of legacy Paradox databases to modern SQLite format.

On The Side..