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Sphere of Influence Lapland Golf Club Saka Doodle RTL (SDR) Watch Quack Quack Pseudodo Polyfill DXFeather An interactive atlas, Sphere of Influence shares the stories of Soviet Citizens and a curated insight into daily life within the Union. With a rose-tinted lens, the project presents a lost culture to a modern audience. Jekyll GitHub Pages theme for private code golfing clubs during Advent of Code. Sharable live doodling! Doodles are deleted after 7 days & remain private until you share the link. Tiny Mac OS application for monitoring power levels of a given range of radio spectrum. Sits pretty in your menu bar. Esoteric programming language for programming in waterfowl. Includes an in-browser sandbox with syntax highlighting. Hold the duck typing puns, please. Polyfill for animatable content properties on pseudo::elements in non-supportive browsers (eg. Safari). Feather light implementation for programmatically building old-school DXF12 illustrations in Go. Targets AutoCAD.